More states should allow children to carry sunscreen at school

By Krista Brooks

Published Wednesday, June 27, 2012 – The Daily 49er

In Tacoma, Wash., a mother of two found her daughters badly burnt after school, and requested sunscreen be made available to them during hot sunny days.

Her request was denied.

In 49 of the 50 states in the U.S., it is forbidden for children to apply or carry sunscreen with them to class. California is the only state that allows SPF lotion at school.

Yes, even students in Hawaii have to leave their sun block at home, unless they have a note from their doctor.

Sunscreen is recommended by doctors, teachers and parents to provide much-needed protection from the sun. It’s purchased in the impulse-aisle in grocery store next to gum and lip balm.

Without sunscreen, we are susceptible to harmful rays from the sun, that can lead to very serious skin cancers and more.

The mother blogged about her pale-white children being terribly burnt on a day that began with rain.

In no way could she have anticipated a sunny day.

Dan Voelpel, Tacoma school district spokesman told ABC news, “Since so many additives in lotions and sunscreens cause an allergic reaction in some children, we really have to monitor that.”

In this defense, Washington school district’s focus more on the select students with allergies. Meanwhile, skin cancer can affect anyone.

The most critical time to seek protection from the sun is before the age of 18. This is the time when 23 percent of the skin damage is caused to one’s body. Every decade adds another 10 percent of skin damage after age 18.

Sun block is not a prescribed medication. It is purchased over-the-counter.

With the recent scares of melanoma, the most critical form of skin cancer, schools should focus on how to protect children from the sun’s harmful rays.

The law forbidding any students to carry or apply sun block at school in any state is ridiculous. It’s dangerous and I am glad to say we live in the one state that does not follow such poppycock. Living in a place where it reaches temperatures of 115 degrees, it seems unreal to live without it. Wear your sunscreen everybody, protect that skin this summer!


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